Dear Junta of Hyderabad,

How about a democratic twist where YOU can decide how WE open our premises!

We are opening real soon and we have set up the spectacular Log Sabha Yojna for your consideration. To introduce your choice at our premises, simply vote for your kind of Yojna and the one with the most votes shall preside at our premises for a week from the day of our launch. Follow us on facebook for updates.

Note - Voting age is 21 and above

Grab a cold one and accompany
it with some fiery grilled


It always takes two to tango,
so grab a cocktail and get one
absolutely free.


They say three is a crowd! But here the
third is always welcomed because it
comes at Rs 3!


When the good times start, we keep
them rolling. A lip-smacking platter of
delights every two hours.


The website requires you to be 21 years or older to enter.